Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good Bye "Yin Ching"

it is just 1 and half month she working in a same company with me but is time to say good bye to her as she found a better company to join. never the less, she is one of the friend of my sis too (ladybird) ... my sis and her been working in a same company at Kojadi as well for the past few years back

This is my pretty sis ...
She is being like a sister for me in the office .. we share our experience and our thought during lunch at pantry.. our laughter and now become our memory...  it is the company lost for not having her as part of our team ..@.@
We running out of time to have a small fairwell for her at Mc Donna KLCC ..

.. Keep in touch Yin Ching ...

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