Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gud Bye Chilis KLCC

Been join Chilis from the very 1st time i entered college (Pernas Hotel School) 2002 as part time food server.
Not sure I love the food or that is the only company that gave me the best benefit for part time staff .. I work there from Feb when it is CNY ;(.. sad memory, the 3rd day of Chinese New Year I already start work in Chilis... 

I have been like on and off work in Chilis ... come and gone ... join 1YR and resign and join again in Chilis... 
Now is time to say good bye to Chilis as I have joined TARC College as full time staff ... I have to make decision to quit Chilis American Grilled and Bar as it is not really good if student saw i work in Chilis issit .. ;) I am quit sad on it as I LOVE the FOOD so much till I when again and again... 

I work in Chilis till today is 31 August 2010 @ pm they are paying threeple of the Salary...;)

I really miss all of you guys : 

KLCC Branch General Manager - Mr Joseph Michel 

~ Kitchen staff ~

Yennie and Karvitha... 
top left : TBA , left bottom - m.phe and right - Farouk

Restaurant Manager - Azman 
Our "Bayar" mean brother - dish washer manager ;) ... 
top : Puspa ,  erm.. shit.. forget their name oldei... xP

Restaurant Manager - top left : Chee Kin, bottom left Azman and Kala 
top left : Nar and Farouk and bottom left Nani and Oo Kwan
Ahmad - Host and Azman (Manager)

Nar - Training Supervisor 

top : Nani , Bottom left Rajesh and suren 

Opps .. forget his name oledi ..

bottmom right : Aznan ... 

Zaw Oo.. (Working Buddy in chilis) 

Rajesh and Kit staff .. 

Bar man of the day ... Salindra and bottom left - Giriman 

got to say bye to my daily schedule and the meal voucher that i used to have ;(

Take care guys and I will miss you all !!! 

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