Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kiki has delivered ..... Thank you baby 14 August 2010

has been so long i do not have a rest day since i start work part time in Chilis.. i woke up early morning .. mum cooked me nice ' chor kui tiu'

After my breakfast, i prepare to do some cleaning of my baby's cage ... ;)
Fresh cut fruits... for my babys.....;)

and when i seated down to paper my little princess to eat her breakfast ...

I think my princess is full is time to sleep do....

and i saw something ... in her pouch ... without realize it .. she is actually pregnant and has delivered 2 baby too .. 

Sorry Kiki ... for my busy work till i did not help you to do the necessary when u deliver...

I felt sorry for it .. sorry kiki and cici.... :(
But guys ^.^ Let together to welcome my new grandchild has arrived to the world on Saturday 14 August 2010.

I just knew that my baby had delivered 2 baby... I am so excited and happy for my princess ..

But the sad part is I did not know my baby's delivered and pregnant insted the bf told me before my princess is pregnant but I ignore what he says... thanks "pu sak" that my grand child had delivered safely in the pouch. Since the babys is developing in the mother's pouch for 3 weeks (21 days). i will start counting the delivered date after the baby has crawl out from the mother's pouch..
It is amaizing that my princess delivered like what human (normal birth) my grand child's eyes is not open and some of the features is not develop yet .. I promise that I will uplod more pic once the baby is out of the mother's pouch.. in the meantime .. just let you guys see the baby inside the mother pouch 1st k...

this pouch is like a Heart shape..

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