Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wedding's dates

My mum urge the bf to get married as we have couple for 5 YR... ~ gosh, I think my mum don't want me anymore~ .....should it be the bf parent who gonna urge us to married... ;(

time flies isn't it.... we meet each and other from our primary school time and now mum asking to sold me to Mr Tan....@.@

Wheee !!! We woke up early morning and his mum urge to go for this place call "Xing Zhe Lee". This is the place for people who need to choose a good date for wedding or whoever give birth and need to give the baby good name or the get some advice on educating their child....
His mum says we have to be there early as if we go there late, it would be a long queue.

His mum told me that she was so worry bout his grown and always bring the boy to visit the "Xi Fu" during his baby's time. He always don't sleep at night, cry at night and sick everyday. he make his mum's life miserable and even during his youth, he is very very naught... there is an motor accident on his form 3.. his mum was so worry after received his friend's called. Quickly went to hospital, his face and shoulder is surrounded with fabric...his mum said what happen to his son...gosh (only some minor injure on his face and shoulder) ** Phew**
He still that handsome.... dot worry aunt... ;)

This is the place located at Air Panas ... which is very famous ...

The charges for an advice is very cheap only .. it is like RM10. and now it increase to RM50 per visit.
Whoever getting married also went there to pick a good date.. it is chargeable at RM100 only. RM50 for deposit and another RM50 after that and so we arrived there... ... wow... very good money issit.... xP

Thank god we reach there bout 10am and we are the next guest and there are a few waitlist too... 

There is some preparation to be done, we need to bring along my parent's birth time and date.. his parent's birth time and date.. and both of ours time and date of birth too... 
he is our ~Shi Fu ~ ^.^
he is calculating our time and date of birth.. to see if there is " xiong chong"

So I decided to make our big day on Dec... ~so that we can have grand and huge wedding dinner~ but the "Shi Fu" said only one good date in Dec which is 24 Dec 2011. this is a boxing day for Christmas and a lot of people might travel too .. so both of us decided to choose another date and so the "Shi Fu"  pick another date which is 30 Oct 2011(Sunday)... 
we have no choice so we decided on this date ... (30 Oct 2010)

We paid RM50 for deposit and we keep this date at this moment and we would be able to collect the confirmation next year after Chinese New Year. "Xi Fu" need to pray a good bless for us ... 

See u next year "Shi Fu" @.@
~sample of confirmation letter ~ ^.^

I am getting married soon ... 

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