Monday, October 4, 2010

Felda Open House ~Food Session~

Attending Felda's Hari Raya Open House near Keramat... start our journey at lunch time 1:30pm and finish at 3:30 and back to work again at 4:30... haha ;)

** wee** this is how enjoy my life is .. ^.~

Suhaida will have to entertain her client ...(for our new project) >.<

Actually this is my 1st time to Felda Hall and it is really big. You can also rent out this place for an ideal wedding venue for about 100 tables 
**(okie ... take note guys who wanna find a venue for wedding, this is a good place to go for but notsure the charges please call to find out more ya)** ^^... ~tumb up~ 

Suhaida and myself start to grab our food at buffet line to our table... the food is not so fantastic but nice .. 
I had some nasi briani and jawa noodle with a cup of sirap bandong ... and few piece of cut fruit .... yumyum.... i am full now ;)

Suhaida is dealing the a new business now before we left ^^

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