Saturday, November 27, 2010

BlackBerry Bold 3

The bf's Sony Ericsson X1 spoiled ... WTF!@#$ ... he went to Times Square right after finish work frustratingly. he pick me up from home right after he finished work.. ;)

He has been survive on black berry phone since he sense the phone is something wrong. He has been comparing BlackBerry Celcom's plan and Digi... which one is worthy for taking their plan and lastly he make up his mind and get Blod 3 from Digi.... xD ~finally phew... ;)~
He is my college besties husband (Saiful) and we are dealing with him the last time as his last day is till end of Nov 10. Saiful is looking for other office job after married with Rini xD... ~so sweet of his husband~

BlackBerry 9780..... is worth RM1000 only xD

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