Friday, November 12, 2010

S.R.J.K (C) Mun Yee

It reminds me of our 1st meet up:

We have a same class for just a year  .. due to my laziness... we have separated to difference classes...;(

haha... we are just standard three... ;) cute innit xD
I refresh back my past ... how come we will be together .. -_- we never meet up for so many years till a gathering that i organized and i meet the boy ... haha... ;) is really because our childhood gathering and made us keep in touch again... ;)
Still remember that is my internship in Langkawi on year 2004.. he always rang me up... ~we chat on the phone for 2 hours everyday without miss ;)~  When I am back from Langkawi I start my 1st job in Nikko Hotel 2005... he always pick me up form work ... always buy me supper before i reach home .. and that is how we are getting closer and closer till the boys date me out  to Thai Club on 25 Dec to celebrate Birthday on 26 Dec for a friend of him . We went there with his group of friend ... ~gosh.. i never go for clabing before since i have out of the college life~ ^.^ i am a GOOD GIRL issit ... ;)

I am a shy person and not dare to go anywhere a round the crowded environment as this is the very 1st time I been to this place so he accompany me all the time to make sure that I am safe. After a few bottles of Whiskey from his friend, the boy drunk and his friend start vomit and he also not feeling very well I have to carry him to the gent out there... ;P ~ I am shy as this is my 1st time to carry a guy to the gent and he is so heavy ~ WTF ... 
I was so scared... when he reach the gent and he vomit .... so i ask one of his friend to check him out is he ok ... ~so worry that he drop into the toilet bowl xP~ after all this...suddenly a kiss from him and he say I Love You... my face start to turned tomato @.@ and he start to hold my hand ... that is how he bring me to his life * wooooohooo.... ~!!!! :D
Haiz... so many year now think back also feel so funny... xP haha...

..... I am who I am partly because of you,
.....You are YOU because of me, too.
.....I ♥ you  
** grab it from cryst**

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