Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Burday Papa

Papa's Chinese Calendar birthday 280910 at home as Home Made Dish by my lovely mum is the best compare to outside food..
sis has ordered KFC for the dinner .. ;)

Home dish from Chef mama ;)


we miss Ladybird during the dinner as she is unable to rush back from Singapore and my brother was in Penang.. ;(

~Sis and the BF~

haha... so happy for my papa for have us as his children... TQ papa ... ;) 

and our Security in Ng's Family... AH BOY ;)

we have a short break and my lovely mum has spend a day to made a jelly cake for papa... and it is so tasty ... haha;)
happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAPA.... 
happy birthday day to you papa........;)

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