Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Burthday Ms Sukie ...

Long time being procustinate on blog... now don't know how to start... ^.^*

Had a exhausted service happen during student practical on saturday 04 December 2010... 

               ***SET LUNCH FOR THE DAY***
                           ***04 DEC 2010***

                        *** GREEK SALAD *** 


                *** HOT CHOCOLATE PUDDING***

                          ***RM 12.00 NETT***

Kitchen and Restaurant lack of communication , our set lunch only prepared to serve 30 pax.... and without realized it today is the Open day for Tarc College.. customer turn up to 46 pax... GOSH....
But thank god Mon till Fri's food still have balance for bout 16 pax..***pheu -____-***
Problem Solved...
Suddenly there a guest turn up to met with their friends in the restaurant .... so now the num of pax might increase to 47 pax ... WTF....^.^*
Can I tell the guest that our food sold out.. u cannot order .... or tell the guest you can only drink water??...wat I should tell the guest ...!@#$% 
Went in to tell Chef.. Chef said the set lunch can prepare for the guest BUT... no Dessert ... GOSH... how .. how ... WTF .. how come like this kind of incident will happen ... ok..ok..ok.. 
I tell myself SUKIE NG calm down ... think... think... think... there would be solution...
oh , i know what i can do to the last guest (last order)... there are student who dine in the restaurant too .. okie.. i ask the student (from hotel management course and is my class student) to let me have her Dessert and I will replace another type of dessert for her next time and I explain to her that kitchen have not enough dessert for guest ... She agreed ...Thank you Tien Tien from H7 (she is my  let me have her piece of "hot chocolate pudding"-___-

**phew** problem solved... 

Restaurant close for lunch till 2pm.. she (tien tien) and H8 (hotel management couse) celebrate my 27th birthday in restaurant ... *** shit very old*** :o(

Thank you class.. your brighted my day ... muaks ... muaks .... ;)
it is a exhausted day after class... Student wish to eat outside too ^.^ so after finish class at 3pm, we plan to go BBQ Steamboat ...  ting dong ting dong till 4pm.... reach home bout 430pm... haiz... -____________-
only rest for 1 hour for me to rest, have to go out for dinner dong... 
Late comest
I waited for 20min in front of the restaurant ... WTF xP
Punishment for them to bring food for me ... I am so enjoyable to have my soyacincau with gula melaka .. yum yum.. ;)

birthday girl is always so enjoy.. sit down and just wait for the food to arrive to table .. ;)

main course @ RM26.90 nett.. this is a Halal restaurant so i been here for the 2nd time due to I love the "ba gua" so much.. ;) and i can grilled it on my own way .. ;)

They are a lot of choice.. seafood .. crab.. fish balls...pork.. vegetable and etc ... -___-

Enjoy my meal ... ;)

after main course .. rest for a while ... all the random pic.. @.@

Is Dessert time ... Ice-cream ;)... yummy....

~my mad student ~

after all the laughter and funny battery start to low batt.. -____________-

Ooppsss... tummy full, funny laughter and tired Saturday .... ^.^*

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