Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Haha.. the atmosphere for Christmas this year has add to the gaiety of the festival.. ;) Woohoooo !!! Merry Christmas.... ;)
My younger sister and I plant to have a gift exchange on 25 Dec 2010. So I decided to go Times Square for Christmas Present and I really have no idea what to buy for my sis... walk for I think bout 2 hours then i start to like ... ~aiya, buying dress for my her la .. and finally I managed to found a nice dress for my sis and a anklet for my mum.... haha so happy  .. so looking for wrapping paper now.. entered to S&J I... saw there are plenty of Christmas hate and so cute  hair band so in sudden i am so into to "Christmas Mood" look.. i entered S&J a lot of time during this Christmas shopping but don't feel like buying the Christmas hate and hair band ... I think my mood also like weather ;P....LOLZ

Look.. my hair band and the Christmas hate is cute issit ... ;)

So pity my sis bf. he has a bad cough during this Christmas ... Look, he is pretending to smile -___-
We had a small BBQ party at home .. we prepared only for10 person's food...but end up still a lot of left over food for 2moro .. ;(
Home made bee hoon goreng, chicken curry, fried chicken and dessert is "lo han go"... yummy... >.<
Dish for BBQ : Spicy Chicken wing and non spicy chicken wing, hot dong and cheese hot dog .. wow.... nice oh and last is meat ball ... ;)
it is raining on 25 Dec but thank god.. the rain stop at bout 8:30pm and the boy arrive from work also on the dot. My mum and the boy building up fire for BBQ ... 
My sis and I was so into Christmas MOOOD.... chasing "ah boy" to wear the Christmas hate and the hair band for our pic snapping. My mum is holding something to keep "ah boy" to stand still... hehe ;) it is so CUTE ...
Ah Boy.. you are Awesome ... muaks muaks ... ^.^

 my sis's bf was so pitiful, he had only fried bee hoon so far, he cannot eat fried item ... haha .. -____-  ~cox he is under my sis's control~
About 10am, our guest arrived .... ~look at my sis, kepoche at pic snapping xP~

Both of them are sibling, ~now their father kepoche at the back ~ 
~ Eating time ~
Fire is up and is ready for the BBQ >.<

Both of them are preparing food for us (sis and me), 

While the boy is having his shower, I burn the chicken wing,.. @.@ the boy start complain I am not good in kitchen ;(

Our 3rd guest arrived ... My sister's friend, Apple :)

We ask the uncle to snap the pic for us but not sure why he never snap the stove... ;(

after the dinner, we had a gift exchange as mention earlier... 
my sis have the dress from me, my mum have the junk food, anklet and the long lagging and my sis bought me a shortie nightdress .. my sis said to me ... ~give a chance to casey anymore~ LOLZ... @.@
this is the god chance for both of them prepare food for us ^.^... 
What is my mum is trying to do ... she is trying the pork ribs is nice or not ... OMG.. look "ah boy" is aiming the food ... LOLZ... 

my mum is so naughty .... look, she is feeding "ah boy" the pork ribs... OMG @.@

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, have a joyful and wonderful day ;)

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