Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Qurban at FRIM (Forest Reserch Institude Malaysia) Part I

Sleeping tight during weekend or public holiday is such a enjoyable day issit… ;)  I being forces by my mum follow our neighbor to have a morning walk at FRIM rather than sleep like a PIG… wtf... this is the only day that I can rest but end up in the forest ;o(
So without any preparation, I just grab what I have in my wardrop and step into the vehical as everyone is ready to FRIM.. OMG.. it is only 7am in the morning …. !!!! @#$%
The cow scarified their life and we scarified time to FRIM.... >.<
To make myself awake.. I have to act active in the car before I arrive there. Only six of us go for morning walk ….
Siblings seating at the back... 
The parents, my mum and myself … ;)
the driver uncle and my cool's dad.... 
Entered to the Forest and get fresh air is better than sleeping on the bed which is really true … the weather inside the forest is like when you are back to any of small town.. I felt cooling, thinking of building up camp here but I worry the tiger will come after me at night… I think I better go home and sleep on my bed. xP We walk just 1/3 the journey and the children start complaining tired ... we rest for a few mins ^.^
While we resting … we found an ants which is unusual size from what we seen out there … it is really big size ..

This is what we found out next when we look up to the sky… we are protected by the sun light … the protected trees in FRIM.. look, the leave is not trim by human but it is grown in naturally with shape. Nice issit…. ;)
before start our journey ~Happy Family~ ;)
Not very far from where we stop just now , we arrive to Titian Konopi… wow… 500m to walk up the staircase …-_____-“ ~sweat~ 
haha... my auntie is going up 1st .... 
follow by the rest of us ...... 
haha.... one pic before start with the son, daughter and nanny(my mum) ... ;)

 When we reach canopy... Wowwoo.. there is a very very tall and huge tree.. they named this as Hazardous tree .. see there is little dot on the surface.. it is all sting… sharp pointed ^.^ oche… pain ….. 

Both of this gentlemen reach another half of the 250 km from the canopy walkaway... resting .. ;)
phew... sweating -___-"
Wowww.. we are now at the 205 meter from the starting point .. and ahead of used to stay in Asly people during 1970 century... 
the mother and the daughter ... ;)
Pic session ... ^.^
resting session .... ;) ~my mum start complaining liao ...-__-"
it is not open ... ;( ... it says depend on weather condition... ;( wasting time to claim up here ... wtf  >.<
Pic session when we reach canopy walkaway ..... ~.~
hehe..... finally can rest longer here ... it is cooling here... ;)
Finally we reached 500km to the canopy walkaway....

a lot of people resting at the canopy walkaway and self snapping for myself ... ~look at the auntie.. never see ling lui snapping pic issit .. WTF ~

Walking down from the canopy walkaway ... Oopsss.. mum and auntie.. careful, it is dangerous .. the stair is not even.... ~.~
Group Pic after came down from canopy walkaway..... ;)
Kids now a day does like to being cool.. WTF ... xP
Wild fruit in the forest .... 
Wow.. the leave was so so big .. .bigger then my face and can use as a fan =____+

The hibiscus was so nice ... been long long time never see it in town... ;)

Father and Daughter .... ^.^
Wheeeee...........  ;)

Finally we finished our tour in the forest.  I think I am already so skinny, after todays's exercise.. I weight will turn to 40 kilo .... Phew .... tired...tired... @.@
Look... we start our journey at 08:00 and now is 11am ... we used 4 hours to round the forest...... ^.^
Wooohooo... moving to water fall now .... >.<

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