Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reunion Dinner 010211

Busy a whole day spring cleaning the bf's room and have reunion dinner at 3rd auntie's house ...
the bf have his "sao gong "dinner near his working area.... and I had reunion dinner at 3rd auntie's house...;)
top left : Hock Kian Noodle, top right : Fish stomachs 
Buffet dish :stew pork rib,steam white chicken and, black bean prawn, rendang and thai style squint. 

Top left: "sea cucumber" Top right : Fatt Choi Oyster
Bottom left : young bamboo stick and bottom right : mix vege 

We had a buffet style reunion dinner and family reunion at home tonight.... pic up soon .. xP
Bao bao jor... ;)
is time for "Lao Sang"

 Dad is distributing recycle chop stick to everyone and ready for "lao sang" >.<
All best wishest to everyone, 步步高深,意兴荣, 风...發... ...發...發... ...發...發 xD

I had my "lao sang" portion and my sis's fiance had his portion too ^.^

hehe... my cousin's daughter is having the "yu sang" too ... yummy... >.<
Top : fifth auntie with friend and 
bottom : 3rd cousin with husband

4th cousin sis with his fiance who is getting marriage on rabbit year xD she just told me that she also going Faye's Bridal House which formally known as Love Vision... is the same as Cryst choose for her photo shooting too ... ;) 
2nd Cousin from Shanghai, he is going back to Shanghai this Saturday 12 Feb 2011 early morning oledi ... ^.^
My cousin's daughter, she is a happy pie during the nite and can bring all the laughter and fun during the reunion dinner >.<
is my cool papa and mama ... they are our chef of the day too .... >.<
Sis fiance .... ^.^*
♥♥♥ Ee Love you ♥♥♥
she is really cute and I even no energy to carry her for pic taking as she have really good xxx... phew ~.~  hehe baby sensitive words "heavy" >.< 
I really have to eat more ... otherwise I got no energy to carry my own baby next time ... xD

Happy Rabbit Year @ Happy CNY!! xD

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