Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pre-wedding Photoshoot

Photoshoot is over! ^^ I missed the tired and fun moment ;)

Photo session was fun at in-door shooting, putrajaya and FRAIM. My photographer was experience enough. Thx god that the weather was amazing on March as is it turning to Raining session... luckily rain start when our photo session finish at 7pm ;) My make-up artist was good. She gave a simple and nice looking during photo sesion too ... Everything was smooth and excellent :D

both of us is quite tired before the photo session start. The bf was busy preparing the mis-en-plus as he started his now business at PJ Ara Damansara.. Machinery item and shifting his now hostel to PJ Damansara too. Well ...same goes to me ... I was busy with Photobook as deadline is right at the corner on 12 Mar... Went down to china town to buy some fresh flower petals for tomorrow's shooting, Arranging vitagen stock delivery to customer.. Tar college student having vine tasting so I have to collect vine from the shop for week 7th lesson and preparing coursework mark from student. Getting ready to hand in to office as deadline is just right after the week 6 this semester .. **Phew** The bf and I have to arrange time to pick up car from sis-in-law for shooting.... Argh.. I am so tired ;( 

End up after picking up car reached home is 1130... laying down on and procrastinate here and there we rest on the bed at 2am... haiz... 

I feel like time no enough even though our wedding is on Nov 2012 ;)

We wake up at 8.30am and my lovely mum preparing a heavy breakfast for both of us.. the night before shooting, my mum packed a basket of food for us (hot dog bun, 100 plus and my chinese new year cookie) so that we can have something when we hungry..  ** Your are Lovely MUM ** ^^

We start journey to My Dream Wedding at 9am with a refreshing feeling even thought is exhausted since yesterday nite but both of us feel so happy and excited to enjoy this moment together..  ^^

We arrived to studio at 10am and we take 10 min to settle down and I start our make up session ... My package is include everything include 3 makeup and 3 hair-do..  half and hour later I looked myself on the mirror I cannot recognized the person who is on the mirror is Sukie Ng @.@ My make-up artist is amazing.... 

The morning weather was so good, while, I have only 4 gown to change. The 1st gown only allow us to have indoor shooting. I'm enjoying every moment with the make-up artist while the boy was enjoying chit chating with the video-grapher from Hong Kong.  

I have my 1st gown wit the 1st hair do ... weeee..... I LOVE IT so much ... 
Am I looked pretty with this gown xD.... 

We do not waste time due to time constrain, we have only one day for our pre-wedding shooting. After my make-up and hair-do has done, the boy go for change and we go for our photo-session shooting in-door right away... 
I felt so strange to during the photo session in-door as the studio not so spacious to accommodate us with the photographer. In addition, there is some customer who try their jacket and some walk-in couple walking around and looking at us while we posing during the photo session. the feeling wasn't so good and it is so weird..... T____T  

Around 12.00pm the in-door session ended. I go for my 2nd gown with my 2nd hair-do and right after that, we proceed to our 1st destiny to FRIM. 

On de way to FRIM with my green gown ^^, the babe is driving xD
We arrived to FRIM just 30-45 min , the time is around 1:30pm... it takes around 2 hours and we proceed to our next destination to Putrajaya ... ^^ 
Both of us still very enjoyed the moment ... hehehe ;)..... Was having our snacks thats mum's prepare for us and my Chinese New Year cookie ... the babe enjoy the biscuit I made and I keep feeding him eat while he driving to Putrajaya. 

It took about 1 hours to reach Putrajaya, once we reach Putrajaya, we look for washroom to change my next gown and the babe was chit chating with the photographer while i changed. 

hehehe...... the babe love this gown so much, this pic taken by my makeup artist ^^ this is the only gown that  fitted my body size ...... xD ~ YES...I know I am tooooo skinny, commented by the makeup artist ~   @.@

Well ... I start to feel tired T____T

My last gown will be a short skirt gown ... I like it so muchie .... >.<  
The sky looked like wanna cry soon while we are on our way heading to different place for pics, i reached the place near Pullman Hotel just a few second. 
To save time look for washroom, I change my gown inside the car with the make up artist and the boy change his trousers to jeans in the car too ...hehehe.... ^^

While we have our photo session at the Pullman hotel at putrajaya.. the rain started ... OMG ... T____T
We have no choice to run back to our car which is nearby and wait until the rain stop... ~.~" We thought that we wouldn't have much photo taking for this gown anymore =.="
Well, the rain just stop right after we reached our car.. WTF so we make our movement fast and start to run the destiny that we stop half way just now ..... thank you "mother rain" that treat me so good .. you allow me to finish my photo session xD .....  muacks... muacks .... xD

I ask the photographer to help taking a photo from Polaroid Camera of the bf and I for memories ... <3<3hehehe .. I like it so muchie.......<3<3

Before we left Putrajaya, we had our group photo for memories ..... ^^ 
When we left the place, it start to rain again .. thank god i finished our pic session xD. 
The bf bring all of us for Chilis Cita Mall near PJ Ara Damansara ...  
I drop the photographer and the make up artist at the bridal shop at almost 9pm and both of us reached home and our nurf.. leg... body start to feel pain :( I reach the entrance of house and sleep inside the car for 30 min until my mum wake us up .... =.=" It is really really tired ... both of us is like a death body lay on the floor .... 
This is how I looked after removed all my hair pin >.<

We are going for photo selection on another 2 months as all our photo will send to Hong Kong for touch up. The expert will select only the good photo for selection . I think we have 400 pictures. I hope I have lesser pic for selection.... ~.~ 
Wish me good luck so that I wouldn't top up additional pic 

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