Saturday, April 28, 2012

Souvenir Wedding Gift

Wowww ... finally I am back for blogger. I am not lazy okay, I am just preparing my college's document for submission as TAR college is upgrading to University soon .. but not sure when. (got to see this time MCA win the vote then college might upgrade)
I was in the mess to prepare housekeeping course file so I stop blogger for so long.
. .
But anyway...

Finally my course file has done so was in the mood of shopping, coincidentally Isetan is doing their Pre-Sales so when there to grab something for my lovely sister sis my mum was telling me to buy something as a gift. I am getting married so you can buy anything. as gift.
Wake up early morning and my mind is not working but is SHOPPING xP. Wwwwwweeeeeee
Reached Isetan early morning, all staff was greeting me "Good Morning".. "Welcome" ... I felt so shine... ^.< ...this is because too long never go shopping early morning  and i greet them back "Good Morning" >.<

Btw that, Isetan KLCC has renovated in a new look now. they change every floor's design and i am still not used to the changing of the layout. While, in my mind, I was thinking to buy sis something they can keep for long term so I decided to buy jewellery.

I like it so much ... ;)

I hope my sisters will like it too ^^ ...

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