Friday, July 30, 2010


Times flies... I think I joined this company on 08 March  2010 and today 31 July 2010.  Early morning at 9am my heart start pumping very fast scared to tell my boss ...~Mr Chong, a letter for your~... damn (n_n)


~the door is still close~
a few min more going to 10 am.. boss is comming in soon and i am going to "Country Manager's room"..



0950am... BOSS came in ... 
. Tarik Nafas 1st 

OK I am going to the room with my LOVE letter now ...

LoVe Letter for Chong
Me: Erm.. Mr Chong.. a letter for you...
Boss : oh.. letter .. wat letter is it ..
Me: Erm... 
Boss : come and have a sit ....
Me : oh
let keep the rest of our conversation between my boss and me .... 

So my last working day at 3D Networks suppose to be 18 August but I will give more time for my boss to search another pretty girl so that can serve him better ... ^.^ 
So i decided to extend my serving notice till 30 August 2010 (Monday)...


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