Monday, August 2, 2010

HoMe SwEet hOme

well... this is an enjoyable job at home after working hours. 
Sweet heart and myself  LOVE glider so much from the first date "LOL is 5years back" (",) ..  but we wouldn't want to take the responsibility to take care of the baby ~so tat i have more time with my dear~ (n_n) till one day we went to a pet shop on at the curve and we saw the baby again hiding inside a pouch... when you try to touch the pouch, they will give you a again sound hich...~go away from me~ 
From that moment onward, we make a decision to bring the adorable baby home.
~they are just 2 week out from the mother's pouch~
we can see the baby only have an apple from morning till night and we felt so sad till we have decided to bring home the adorable baby so that we can give a best food for them and a healthier life.
Finally we bring home a couple and their birthday is on 14 Feb 2009.  
We bring home the 2 baby finally
~welcome home baby~

When ever the boy is busy with work.... ♥♥THEY♥♥ can bright up my day and accompany me during at nitez.... 
Let me introduce my baby to you guys and my baby is now 1 years old and 6 months ...  

♥kiki & cici♥

My baby with a small tinny tail (n_n) they are like my  a baby from my tummy!! (whenever i reach home,i will shootout my baby's name (♥♥KiKi and Cici♥♥) by letting them know that i reach home alr3ady.... 
This is my princess~ KiKi ~

This my Prince ~Cici~

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