Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today is cloudy and clear day, the time at 12:30pm, bring my purse, access card and the important thins is "LOVE LETTER"

I start walk from Yap Kwan Seng my office (3D Networks Sdn Bhd) to Chilis KLCC branch to tender my love letter to Mr Joseph Michel (General Manager of KLCC Branch).
Chilis American Grilled & Bar KLCC Branch

It is a sad thing to resign from Chilis, :o(
~ so sad to tender a letter to Chilis~
It is a fun team to work with and a busy envirnment in Chilis KLCC. I work there not just because of money ~ RM5.00 include 1 daily meal with every 6 working hours, 30% Discount for all part time staff who dine in any restaurant with notice~ but the passion. Maybe because I LOVE the FOOD and I ABLE to eat the rejected food when the extra food cooked. ~because it is FREE ^.^ ~ 
If I am not wrong, I started to work as a part time food server since 01 August 2009. I work there since I start my lectering at TAR College as a part time lecter. when it is the semester break for the college Chilis is my next place to spend my day and time... (n_n). ~rather then i sleep at home~

if you guys did pass by KLCC 3rd floor, beside TGV Golden Screen Cinema you will see a crowded environment in front of the entrance of Chilis. Not sure why people LOVE Chilis food so much !! ~LOL.. include myself I LOVE the food so much :o).. haha~
I tell myself on early August 2010 I must FULLY UTILIZE my entitlement of 30% discount dine in at any of Chilis American outlet. so end up i had my 1st dinner at 1 Utama with the bf on 08 August 2010~this is just a random pic from other occassion as tat day forget to bring my camera out~ :

2nd time dine in Chilis 1 Utama in a same month on 10 August 2010 with Meko :

3rd time dine in Chilis KLCC on 14 August 2010 with ex-colleagues Tina and Vivienne, ~sorry guys.. no pic taken cox one of the colleagues dot like taking pic so i stop taking pic~ sad :o( ....only Tina and me snap a pic before the other colleague arrive..

4th time dine in Chilis might be this week with dear and his staff .... TBA

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