Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sundayyyyyyy

Happy time always go pass so fast .... it is sunday today and keep hoping a day is not 48 hours but is 96 hours ..... ** i think i am day dreaming** xP

spend a day at the bf house with his family ...
having lovely home made dish from  his mum and now waiting for the bf to wake up for shopping ...
The bf is really tired with work so he is Zzzzzzz.... like a "PIG" now... LOLZ......
I am always a understanding girl for him.... u rest well and bring me shopping later ya.... xD

Shopping is always a happy thing I do ..>.<
We went to Tropicana City in PJ and found out that actually not much choice... due to the bf stomach is too too too hungry so we choosen Vivo as our resting place .....xD

Makan time and ordering ... ...... .... 
we choosen a regular pizza and a choco brownies mallows smoothies ... xD


an Italian bread chicken strip serve with fries ... >.<
the bf and I add on order ... a deep fried chicken wing too ... hehe .. ** both of us eat like a kid** a finger linking good ^.^

While waiting for food ... ... ... 
the bf was teaching me to use a manual mode camera ... ~ my dear, I think I will use manual ur around ~ cox it is really complicated T_____T
I hope sunday can go pass slowly so tat i have more time to stay with the bf ...  L.O.V.E U

Chicken Mushroom soup with mash mallow chocolate smoothies is here.... ~.~

15 min later .... sandwich and Pizza and chicken wing^^

Our Yummy and delicious food ... yummym ... the dinner was nice ... we finished all the food except the chicken wing ... ** woww... our stomach almost explore** ^^
Walk pass an small exhibition that promoting The Cats and Dog  movie.. hehe >.< since the dog was so cute and furly with it Long tongue ... and it is cute issit .. I decided to take a pic. ~ as it also represents of Dog@Boar~ <3 casey@sukie <3

Nice weekend and Welcoming Monday .... ^.~

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