Friday, August 20, 2010

Time Ups ....

Managed to finish work on the dot and when to the bf workshop and go for dinner ... it is Ramadan period too so we also buka puasa together with Muslim...

choosing which is the Largest Pizza to feed 3 Dinosaur.. xD..**wakakak** .
While waiting for our Food ... This wat i used to be... Picture's time... >.< heheh **so happy**
. .
. . .
. . . .
<3 Loon and Sze<3

<3 Sky with his cool look <3 ** piewit ... >.^

Is my turn now...**haha** Look..the bf always like to give funny faces to my pic when I wanna take pic with him T____T .......  ** naughty tongue**

the bf is being rough with me ... but end up lastly a nice pic out too ... I like this pic <3<3.. ** smile** ^^

Funny face from both of us ** dramatic** hehe

Food ... Food... is Food ...finally waited for 15 min out garlic bread with cream of mushroom arrived ... weee...... ^^ 

WHEN The Main Course ~ PIZZA~ arrived to our table .. this is how Dinosaur eating .... 
ei... curious why "SUKIE" become a piece of Pizza..... and ei.... ..coz everyone is busy with the food .. nobody wanna help me to take pic T_________T 
and "Only SUKIE is a HUMAN" who eat together on the same table okie .. I am not Dinosaur ....^^ hehe 

Selamat Berbuka Puasa to all Muslim 

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