Monday, October 18, 2010

Buddy in Nikko's Wedding

Wuhuoooo ...
Is cryst's big day ... been updating myself from her blog with her upcoming news since I have resigned form Nikko Hotel for so long ...^.^ times flies ... all the sweet memory is 5 years back oledi ... -____-
I am so excited that she invite me from FB for her wedding day... as i thought I have been cease from "Nikkolite"  after so many year we did not contact each and other and even gathering :( ~ is actually the busy working in the hotel and no time for a meet up~ @.@
* it reminds me of our working life in Nikko Hotel.. everyone was saying we are "sister" ... ~is actually true~ whenever we go .. we are always together or even we have finish our working shift we will use our phone to communicate or even our off day..... we try our best to meet up during rest day.. all this sweet moment is all become a memory... I really miss that moment when both of us working in Nikko Hotel... ;(

the last pic that we snap 5 years back during my off day and i urge her to take MC for an outing ... @.@

Wheee.... !!!! It is like a gathering for all of us when I step into Vistana Hotel in Kuantan ... ^.^
Her wedding is on 17 Oct 2010 ..
The Boy and myself travel from KL to Kuantan on 16 Oct 2010 mid nite and reach Kuantan at 8am. Trying to search for Ivan's hotel (citilite hotel) but did not manage to find the hotel so he drive the car to keep searching...  without our notice, the boy drive into a housing estate and we reach Cryst's house and Ivan was straggling to enter her house ... hehe... so coincident :)
the boy said better don't disturb Ivan and he is a bit tired and he need a rest so the boy drive around if there is any restaurant nearby to have breakfast. So we managed to dine in a chines restaurant to have a fish ball noodle and the boy had a wantan noodle. After our breakfast,  the boy continued to search for citilite hotel and finally the boy managed to find the hotel. I try to check in at bout 10am but the receptionist said hotel is fully booked yesterday and the housekeeping need sometime to cleaning up the room ... so the receptionist ask us to wait for another 1 hours... so we wait at the lobby till we slept ... ^.^ ~too sleeping and tired ok~ 
An hour later is bout 11am,  ~phew~ @.@ we manage to sleep on the bed ... Zzzzzz....
Her wedding held at Vistana Hotel... when we arrive... I was so excited when i 1st saw her... Miss you cryst ... Not much pic during the dinner ...

my babe .. is my babe and Sukieyakie ... ^.^

the pic album is so nice ... :)
~Nikkolite ~

Dinner is ending soon .... 

~ the entrance with pic ~
~ even on the stage is occupied ~

Best Wishes to Ivan and Cryst... They are announced to be a lawful husband and wife :)
Congratulation my dear Ivan and Cryst.... >,<

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