Monday, November 8, 2010

College Bestie's Wedding

Wooohooo!!!!seven eleven  is her big day 071110.. remember the 1meet up in Pernas Hotel School ... we are a team and we graduated on 2004 we seldom meet up till today is her big day...
this pic taken during our beverage presentation ... :)

her wedding held at Dewan Komuniti Bukit Damansara and I arrive there on the dot...

kompang team follow from their back ... ^.^

 walking to stage as "Raja Sehari" >.<
Finally they have successfully walk from entrance to the stage .. ~phew... it take 15 min oh >.<~
Baca Doa.... :) and I keep snapping pic .... ^.^ **cox i don't know what they are reading oh**

Wooohooo I ♥ the the flower ...  

the wedding ceremony start from now.. Rini (the bride's family) walk to stage to wish their best blessing to her and her husband.. :) so touching ... my tears like dropping down... :(
I am not sure when it is my turn.. will I cry ???? WTF xD

best friend of rini ... ;)

preparing to have lunch together with her parent...

>.< hehe... 
.... Life performance ... 

~buffet Line ~
my lunchie ;)

meet up with x college's friend from Pernas, she is major in Culinary Art... (Chef).. but now become a Housewife with a loving husband and a baby boy ^.^ her son was so cute ... :)

the bride and groom finish their lunch and now moving to stage to have the cutting cake ceremony... ^.^

so sweet 
♥ back to the seat and have their family pic 

Let me introduce to everyone that she is my very close college schoolmate.. whenever I have problem she is the one who can help me to settle problem.. >.<

is my turn to explore myself to her after so many years never meet up... 

~her bf xP~

when she finish the family pic she came down and Marina and I keep pulling her away from the husband ^.^ Muaks muaks ........ muaks muaks ...... >.<

both of us really mad of snapping pic for memory... i really miss her so much ... imagine 7 Years back never meet up till today ... WTF of course "Gila" -_______-

my mum told me that during the 80th century, wedding gown only can wore once, it should not be repeat wearing the wedding gown as it is a ONE TIME MARRIAGE. -___-Old fox says that repeat wearing the wedding  gown mean the un-prosperousness wedding... !!! WTF .. that means after the wedding ceremony, we have to rush up to take the wedding pic for the album... it is so tired issit ??? 
but thank god that this traditional culture is no longer practice anymore for Chinese but for Muslim, they still practice it Traditional Culture... >.< 

the husband was so pitiful.. posing till like tat oh... ^.^*  

before I leave the hall .. last pic with her :)

I was forcing Rini to have a french kiss with the husband but she refuse to do so xP ..

Glad you doing great and a new life began from now... 
Happy Marriage Everafter start from now ...  ;)

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