Monday, November 8, 2010

Buat Anak

sleeping so tight and suddenly woke up at 4am due to some noice... my baby cici trying to disturb kiki.. ~LOL making baby~ -____________-
~on the left side is cici (prince) and the right side is kiki (princess)~

i felt so bad that i separate this husband and wife but .... i think back if i did not separate them, SukieYakie will be in trouble ... LOL ~i have to prepare to take care THEIR BABY innit xD~

to avoid my kiki to produce more baby for me, I bring out another cage to separate them. kiki will stay with the kids and cici will stay alone. @.@
i woke up quite late at bout 12pm noon.. my mum told me that kiki and cici is communicating with each and another beside the cage.. 

So sorry Cici and Kiki ... hope you can understand me okie.... ;(

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