Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sis is back from Singapore

haha... pick up sis at 1am from Times Square bus station yesterday nite...

With compliment of branch for us at Pandan Indah 2moro morning... we drive to her friend's house for integrate.

and mum bring a huge mango during the visit .. it was a story bout it
*before all of us get into to car and start our journey to his house, my mum keep reminding herself to bring the  mango to him as it is going to rape by tomorrow... so when we get into the car and sis start our journey to his house.... ^.^

In the car : the conversation between sis, mum and dad..
mum : she was scolding my dad for not wearing a nice shoes but wearing a slipper ... ;(
Dad : is ok la ... go out for dim sum only....
Sis : bring in the mango as well ???
Mum : ei... did not bring it along with me ... forget ..
Sis : ARGH.. ;( so sis turn back before we reach the main road...
Mum : she went down from the car, dad also went down from the car and myself also went down from the car... once dad step in the house and he quickly change his shoes to sport shoes, i grab my earing from my room as i forget to wear one of those and my mum lock the door...
**Okie .. everyone step into car and sis start the journey to her friends house...
Sis : take mango already??
Mum : ei.. hehehe ... I forget to take the mango... i thought your dad took it ...
Sis : Aiyo ..... ARGH.... what are you doing when you step in the house ???
Mum : hehehe... ;)
Me : she staring at dad to change the shoes ...
Sis : turn back home again
**this time dad went down to take the mango... and the mango is really in the car now ... ^.^
When we arrive his house, his mum is bathing the puddle .... so cute so cute ... :)
The puddle is so cute :)

~ so so cute ~
Off to our Branch journey ...

~ choosing which one is our favorite dim sum ~  look nice issit :)

~ haha... my mum was so into in ~ 

~ and my dad always like to act cool xP ~

after finish our dim sum.. we went to Mid Valley for a walk... my sis was so hunger for food after came back from Singapore .. her friend and herself went for the IT fair and my mum and myself went for shopping ... then we meet up at the food court too ... 

~dry and wet ban mee~

Compliment with ikan bakar and ice kacang ABC ... yummy ^.^

We had an enjoyable weekend with insane sis =) 

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