Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chef Brian ....

 Is time to say good bye to Chef Brian as he is joining Pizza Hut soon ... so next time if there is any new flavor of Pizza .. it should be the idea from Chef Brian ... ;) he is going to create a a Pizza name of Sukieyakie pizza too ... ** as he says** mwahaha .... ^.^

We have a small Farewell party at Tarc College Restaurant .. student from H4 give a small performance to Chef Brian ... the students sang the some " Raise me up" .. it is so touching till their tears came out ... so touching -_____-.. i also almost cry too .. ;(

... student start crying ... tears coming out automatically ...
We have ordered some fast food for the Chef Brian.... Yummy.. ;) i like it ... 

And our participants ... 

***and sukieyakie ***

and my meal ... 

Domenos's Pizza, KFC... yummy .. ;)

Student's Performance...
Okie.. last pic before I start my lunchee..... ;)

Durian Ice-cream cake from ♥ Chef Denise 
Okie.. i finish my lunchee now is pic time ... haha.. ♥^.^

... Is time to give Chef Brian a Big Big Memory before he left TAR College Restaurant ... 

We miss all our 1 hours lunch break moment.. ur laughter and all your dirty jokes .. haha -_______- and least but not last ...  you dessert that you prepare is much more nicer then Chef XXX ^.^ we miss you Brian ;( 
Take care and hope to hear my sukieyakie pizza out as Pizza Hut's New recipe k.. **haha**

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