Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brother's Burday 291110

My mum and I busy preparing jelly cake for my brother at night. 
~Phew~... it is really hard to make a jelly cake ... 
1st : have to melted the jelly and colored with desire colouring.
2nd : did you realize it was difference colour in difference layer ... yes, you need to cool down each layer
3rd : pour the next layer of jelly when the 1 layer jelly is harden
4th : cut into pieces (pic2) and and you see the last pic ...

Make booking  to dine on sunday 281110 at Chilis Empire Shopping Mall with staff discount of 30% from the floor manager to celebrate brother 29th birthday ... ;) OMG.. my brother is getting older oldie.. >.<

I am getting bored with Chilis food as it was my 4th visit to Chilis outlet since August 2010 + my birthday ... and now my brother's birthday ...
I love Chilis till the max till i bored with Chilis's food ... ... WTF @.@

Pic Session before food arrive to table : FML
My god father and my god sister >.<
♥ the bf and SukieYakie 
Sibling - whahaha... I look the smallest among brother and sister ^.^ 
younger sister ... ;D
My brother with her gf from Penang >.< soonest my mum can drink "sam po cha" ^.^

Food arrive after 25 min ;P
top left : chips and salsa top right : cajun club sandwich 
bottom left : crispy honey chipole chicken and bottom right : kick nachos
~well done sukie still can remember the name of the dish >.<~
miss out southwestern grilled lamb.. doness : MW ^.^
Elder sister and my younger sister was so excited with the food ... i miss out Mushroom Jack Fajitas ... yummy ... @.@

we had a very full dinner and coming to the end of dinner >.<
Happy birthday to you, 
happy birthday to you, 
Happy birthday to youuuuu....
Happy Birthday to you gogo..... muaks >.<
♥♥♥ muaks muaks ♥♥♥
♥♥♥Family pic ♥♥♥ 
gogo... wishing you dream come true and stay health and wealth xD

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