Friday, December 3, 2010

Watsons Sales

Wowwwoooo sis and me are mad with Christmas sales now ...

I finish my class (restaurant practical) till 3pm on 3 Dec 2010 and sis finish work at 5.30pm.. we will meet up at KLLC at 6pm...I finish up all my task for next class and prepare to leave college at 5.30pm.. Chef Tan ... arrive to restaurant.. he block my way out ... so we cheat chating till 5.45pm and leave around 6pm.
I drive to Wangsa Maju Jusco to park my car **for safety purpose** and walk to PUTRA LRT to KLCC.. reach KLCC at 6.15 and meet up with sis at 6.30... ;)

this is wat we bought during my birthday month at Watsons KLCC ..

Newly bought My face product  ... Loving Nutox with bird nest essecens and whitening body bath and dark cycle .. and FREE  2 x shower sponge ;)

haha... December shopping satisfaction at Watsons KLCC ;) .... and now heading to supermarket Isetan for 2nd shop... next post .... >.<

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