Friday, December 31, 2010


It is really true that people says once your age began with number "2" the time will past very fast .. it is coming to 2011 just a few hour later ...

Looking back, this year I seemed like gone through a lot a lot of hard time. I and the boy was strangle a long the life path.. Time really CANNOT STOP and we just need to continued issit>.<

Money $$ is important for us and without $$ we cannot do anything..~which is true~

My Learning Outcome began for this year is :
I have been jumping from one company to another from 2009 to 2010.. when every people saw me, they will ask me .. where am I working now... WTF ... what a Q&A session when every people see me... xP

my career path:

- Jan  - Join an Investment Company from Singapore as part time which do not have any office in KL. This company named as "Azea Personal Coaching". It is totally a working from home job and they just need a key person to help to find any related Investment exhibition booth held in Klang Valley and keyin customer data base. means whenever people join this investment plan, they are part of our member and I need to keyin a worksheet for reference. This company was telling me that they are looking for a General Manager in Malaysia but at this moment they do not found anyone and they are still searching for the correct person whom will in-charge Malaysia's Event, so everything is still in-charge by Singaporean at this moment... my job task is to be a "camera man" which is am not so PRO ..but what they mean by "Camera man" is just holding the video cam corder to record down during the speaker is talking on the stage. Normally this investment event held at Federal Hotel every weekend. They are paying a good money for all the part timer ... RM15 per hour for just holding cam corder... and RM0.10 for a data keyin... don't see this is RM0.10 ... it is really good money and u don't have to travel to office to work... We communicate via Phone and E-mail and we just need to work form home...

- Feb - CNY and joined Chilis American Grilled and Bar, KLCC Branch as part time food server.

- March - Joined new company as permanent staff at 3D Networks Sdn Bhd located at Megan Avenue II at   Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. My part time job still on, i work only weekend at Chilis (Sat and Sun)

- April - still the same and got to know that Cryst is working just next door of my office .. AM Bank... but too bad.. she resign to prepare her wedding stuff. Tak ada chance to makan lunchie also...

- May - Get to know that this company (3D Network) was so strange, I just newly joined less then 3 months and already more then 10 farewell party i have to attend. my bank is crying every month.. ;( imagine one month 3 person resign oh... strange or not .. this is my 1st corporate company that i joined ... ^.^*

- June -  Got to know that TARC College is hiring people so try my luck again... *** teaching is a passion for me, don't you think ***    and learnt to BLOG like Cryst liao ..... -____-"

- July - Received call from TARC to go for interview and I received appointment letter after 2 weeks. Plan to tender resignation letter on August which i blog bout it ...

- August - YAHOOOOOO !!!!  I return back to TARC College  to meet up my LOVELY and ADORABLE STUDENT which make me laugh everyday...

- September - Start to work in TARC but work only 3 days ... (Thurs, Friday and Saturday) .. so nice ... my life is getting better innit ... ;)

- October - attending Cryst Wedding at Kuantan and a nice holiday for the boy and myself.. ;)
- November - attending Rini's Wedding
- December -  Sukie's Burthday and New Year ....

It is really not fare innit ...that my birthday just reach less then a month and 2moro my age turn 28 .... WTF ^.^*

I'll be turning to 28 in 2011, entering the second quarter of my life, I hope :
- learnt to bake more cupcake for the boy for his coming birthday on Jan .... it full of my heart ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and sweet ;)
- can sold out to Mr Tan soon  -_____-"
- receive more laughter in TARC College ... whahaha..... ;)
- wish the boy can successfully settle the workshop stuff soon.... ~so that he can rest more but money still in~
- shop less and save more as tax grown up 1% and our life of leaving is getting harder as everything grown up (save more) what is our PM doing ????? WTF :(


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