Sunday, January 2, 2011

Babe Chinese Calendar's Birthday

my babe is one year older now. his Chinese Calendar's birthday is on 28 November ...
His mum wake him up early morning to have Mee Sua with 2 nos egg. old folks says after bites this 2 egg, his age will automaticly plus one. ;)

After he had his breakfast, he went back to his bed and I enjoyed movie alone "BORNE" ~.~ by astro 
and after the movie finished, the time is bout 2pm... the boy wake up and went for shopping ;)

Complimentary "Mee Sua" from the mum
my babe is really old now ... he is 29th now .... ;)

Complimentary present from the younger sister and ang pao from the parents ;)

With a complimentary kiss for the boy ♥♥♥ muaks muaks ♥♥♥

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