Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dr Jenny

Appointment at 11:30am with Dr Jenny for my 4 baby body check up
Dr Jenny check on :
Cici : he lost weight to 83 grm and the previous weight is 93 .
Kiki : no accurate as baby is still in the pouch
Hang2: 66grm too skinny like me >.<
Fook2: 73 grm

Dr Jenny says : good father need to take care baby.. that's why he lost weight... ;P and she advice that baby hang2 need more food as she is toooo skinny till the tail also no mussel and the body is only bone ;(
Me: okie ;) I will feed baby with more food then ...

Dr Jenny provide de-worm for babys and they like it so much ^.^

I also reconfirm with Dr Jenny the calcium food for baby is : papaya, pumkin and roman lettus and lastly "jambu" ... avoid feed babys with cucumber.

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