Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Remember I been telling you guys that once baby crawl out from the princess's pouch I am going to post up in my blog >.<

But now I start shivering with baby joey still inside kiki's pouch ....it has been 1 months and 12 days ....

last week manage to find Dr Jenny from a Pets Magazine with the bf... ~.~
~ baby's doctor is now at MyVet Animal Clinic~
Add : No 29-G Jalan Cecawi 6/33
         Seksyen 6 Kota Damansara
         47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-6142 2122
E-mail : jhlyuuki@yahoo.com

We just trying our luck to find the clinic location and with the genius of the bf.. he managed to find it ... ~muaks muak~ >.< thank you as a responsible daddy ;)

Just tell Dr Jenny about our Cici and Kiki's family have grown to FIVE ....
Woww... Princess has delivered 3 babys ... 1st delivery is 2 babys on 01 August 2010 and 2nd delivery is on 03 Jan 2011.
The 1st delivery of 2 baby is crawling out as schedule just right after 3 weeks but the 2nd delivery of baby still hiding inside the pouch more then a month and still not out ...
Dr Jenny : oh... it is because there is 2 baby inside the pouch ..both baby was competing who si the 1st who can crawl out form the mother's pouch. So that is why both baby managed to crawl out 3 week after that.
Me : oh...
Dr Jenny : now the 2nd deliver is just 1 baby joey inside the pouch .. none of the competitive so baby is staying inside the pouch till now.
Me : curious face ~.~

Maybe this week the bf will have an off day on Sunday and I think baby is going to visit Dr Jenny at Kota Damansara ...

in case you miss my baby..... muaks ^.^

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