Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy V's day

baby cici and kiki has separated on 11 Feb 2011 and today is the reunion day and their birthday ... I plan to have a reunion tonight... I am gonna bring my princess kiki and the daughter to the bf house as cici and the son is leaving at the bf house nowaday... xD

in the mean time, the bf and I is gonna celebrate valentines night at home with our baby .... ;)
Arrived to bf's house.... Flower is on the bed ... ;)

Wowww ... with a BIG Bottle of " sparkling wine" xD
I ♥ darling 
funny face

<3 I am who I am partly because of you <3 
<3You are YOU because of me, too <3
<3    I ♥ darling    <3

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