Monday, February 7, 2011

♥♥♥Wong Heng Boon♥♥♥ 070211

Heard a very very shocking news... my ex-colleague from Azea Team has passed away, do not know what's the reason yet as he fainted and was gone just like that.. he was a healthy young man 33 Yrs Old, did not smoke & drink too.... May You Rest in Peace Wong Heng Boon. you will be deeply miss.....
And this mgs from his bro to my phone during the nite at 830pm , Ian to us: "This morning, my brother Boon slipped n knocked on his head. Despite doctor's effort to resuscitate him, he has passed on. I know this is really shocking.

His wake will be for 2 nights, tmr and wed. Held at Singapore Casket, Pearl room, level 3. There will be a funeral service on wed evening. Burial will on Thursday, leaving Spore Casket at 1pm."
But unfortunately I couldn't go down for the funeral on Wednesday and I just sent my white gold to one of the ex-college "MC" to bring down to Singapore. 

May You Rest In Peace Wong Heng Boon, you will be deeply miss and you are always in our mind ;( .... (7-2-11)
did not manage to snap any pic with him and I just snatch one of the pic from Shirley Yan Yan's FB. ;(

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