Thursday, March 3, 2011

3rd baby is out

our 3rd child has crawn out from the monther's pouch yesterday... ;) so cute ... ~ too bad .. I have not got a chance to socialize with my baby yet ~

I shall upload pic when I free as my schedule really pack this month.. WTF T____T ...

My 3 baby is a male .. he has been hide in the mummy's pouch for 2 months..and this is so long to ask the baby to come out for mummy to say "Hi" to him...

According to Doctor Jenny ... it says if mummy kiki have a twin baby... they shall crawn out from her pouch on it schedule time means 3 weeks. Our 3rd baby has not competitive so baby is staying inside mummy's pouch till 2 months ... T___T ~maybe baby is shy to see mummy sukie~

haha I need start think of a good name for my baby.. ~Name is progress ~ 

I Shall blog when I really have free time Argh!!!!!!!!

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