Sunday, April 3, 2011

All Souls days

Wowww ... been a months I did not touch my blog ... forget how to blog =.+

Tired after went for cleaning of tomb, up and down the hill near by old klang road ... xP
~1st place - 2nd uncle's tomb
~2nd place - Grandma's tomb
~3rd place - 4th uncle's tomb
~4th place -  grandpa's at "shuan fat zhi"
reach home at 1pm ... "tired, smelly, sweaty and heaty" T______________T.

Now is time to rest will after a busy month plus today's activities... "am I getting old" WTF

Semester break start now till 15 May 2011 Wwwwwweeeeeee ~ I am a happy lecturer~ >.<

I was uplaoding my student pic in FB since so free and browsing through my lovely x college's file and saw our unforgettable memories . I really miss that moment .... and now I start miss you so much already Cryst ;( ....
FML myself suddenly =.=
Have you ever think that whenever your age start rise up almost reaching to 30 years old and yet we did not even achieve what you want in life, what would you feel.... ~start emo~ T_____________T

No mood today maybe too tired ... to be continue......

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