Monday, May 9, 2011

Me to You

Was trying to purchase for the bear from Carte Blanch which is one of the UK online purchase retail shop. They are having pomotion at 9.99 pound for a 6" Bride and Grooms bear plus a small pair of Bride and Grooms (on the right side) at 5.99 pound only... ~ indeed cheap cheap and so so cheap ~ ^^
I am terribly excited to see that the bear is in "SALES" ^^
I try to purchase it right away and gosh ... @.@ my credit card keep decline for 3 to 4 times and I started to frustrated and worry bout it .... I called up directly to UK and ask the retail officer what happen

UK retail officer : Carte Blanch shop, how can i help you...
Me : I am calling from Malaysia and I am trying to purchase a bride & groom bear from you website and keyin so many times on the credit card requirement but I still cannot pay the item that i want....
UK retail officer : oh.... I think it is because your credit card is not belongs to England and it is not valid... do you have some friend that staying here and they would be able to help you....
Me : oh ... gosh ... T_____T  okie.. in that case means that I need England credit card number only can buy the product .... ????
UK retail officer : you can acctually buy it at Hay Streets ... I think you can buy the bear there .... **hello.. if I can go England I don't have to buy it online** WTF .... T___T
Me : Is okie ... let me figure out myself ... thank you @.@
~Call ended ~
WTF ... I get very upset right after i hang up the call...... T_____T it is so so cheap and now I cannot... ~my tears out~ :("

Called up the bf to tell him the incident and he said .... is okie .. you can purchase it from Me to You Website ... we can pay by paypall ... it should be ok ...
Without giving up to get the bear I brows through the website to see is there any 2nd chance to buy the bear and I get it ...... but it is so expensive .... 19.99 pound for a 6" bride and groom bear and the small at 9.99 pound for a 3" bride and groom shipping and tax of 9.99 pound  =.=
I have no other choice as Malaysia is not gonna import this bear to sell. 
Anyway, ~haiz~...
after calculating the conversion in Ringgit .. it is still very very cheap for 2 pair of bride & groom Me to You bear....

Calculation ~as UK is now on recession period, the pound conversion is now x 5 ~ Luckly is not x8 pound ... otherwise i gonna bankcrup~ 
19.99+9.99+9.99 = 40 pound x 5 =200 Ringgit
.... Wowwwww ........ excellent.... it is so so so so cheap

Been survive on the 6" bride and groom Me to You bear charge at RM 400 and the 3" at RM100... **Phew** i save RM300 indeed....
I am a Happy Girl now as I got the bear i wann......
Okie, now the bear is in UK ... after 7 days, the retail officer will deliver the bear to my friend of my "Hui Ying's brother" who studying in UK Nottingham University... I should say really thanks her brother to bring the bear back to Malaysia... ;)
As the bf and I have been searching for this bear for the past 2 years purchase 2 pairs of One of my Wedding parcel arrived to UK Nottingham University after 7 days... my lovely bear will arriving to Malaysia on Jun or Jul 2011 ...

this will be the bear thats gonna put in front of my wedding car ... ^^

~did you realise it is 3 pairs .... another 6" of bride and groom is belongs to one of my colleuge " Janice" ... ^^  she share the shipping and tax charges with me so it is really cheap .... ~GOOD GOOD~

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