Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clean & Clear (Bersih 3.0)

We're cooler then Thailand nowaday ... We are all normal citizen ... We Love Malaysia and We hope there is a clean and fair election... ** 1 Malaysia**  xP

On 09 July 2011 (Saturday) no one is allow to wear red and yellow...   O.o  WTF  who ever wore yellow and red will get jail for a day @.@  

For Tar College student who ever got classes gotta cancel classes.. ~as it make student scare to go classes~ o.O                                                                                                                                                                                           

It is absolutely serious as what I read from live journalism that for all the employee who is gonna work on the particular day (Saturday) staying at the nearest hotel to in order to reach office on time!!! =.=" ~hello, excuse me .. I will not be so good to my company if I were they... I will just take one day leave ~ ~.~
the sadness part is I cannot meet up the bf for this week as there is no way for him to drive down to Setapak. Road Block every where and Traffic jam T_____T
 ** the bf and I was planning for Transformer movie gotta postpone to next week**   =.="

Watso ever it is ... meeting up with the bf for next week Transformer Movie with the bf xD

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