Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend task

Ohai ;)

I'm back to Blogger, I sorta stopped blogging for quite some time. I wonder if I still know how to blog.. -__-"

Before you start assuming something is definately wrong with me or I'm having quarter life crisis or whatsoever...I am hereby declare I'm totally OK.. I am still the sukieyakie that you knew >.<

While I am busy with some task... preparing for my sister's wedding (22-23 Oct 2011) stuff  and etc **Wowww** Her big is gonna reach soon ... as now end of July. ~.~"... times Flies ... =.="
 ~ I also start to worry bout mine big day too~

While, I think most of you would not know that I am in the business of selling culture milk (Vitagen) "Love you Tummy" ...This is the phrase u see in TV... :) this business had began from the bf and I start our LOVE JOURNAL.... ^^
If I am not wrong, our business start from May 2006... we start our capital with just RM50 Ringgit... >.< good issit ^^... and the business continued till now 2011 and it is still alive ......... :) ~ it is all the bf's idea to set a plan how to sell....promotion.. and things like this~  ^^ my boy is the best ** Thumb up**

It has been quite sometime Vitagen never give promotion for home delivery customer and since Vitagen Company announce to give away so many container for our culture milk LOVER.... and I am gonna make some promotion to double up my customer... ^^

dadata.. this is a nice product that come out... this poster is gonna stick in front of my house so when ever someone past by my house they would see and attack their attention.... ^^
. .

Nice issit ^^
Basically the bf is the one who take care of this business from the beganing and I just help to prepare the paper work... This is a no capital business and this business is filled in all our happiness and sadness 

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