Friday, August 5, 2011

End of Semester 4 for DHT 2 (YR 2011)

haiz...... times flies ...
a LOVELY months..
a TIRED months..
Ended of Sem 4 for DHT 2 Year 2011 Students

During this 3 months my student and I spent the practical session in Rumah Tetamu.. 4 days a weeks .. 3 classes daily and 2 hours per classes .. =.= tired day ... 24 hours a weeks ... gosh  ^^

I was assigned to use Z104 & Z105 room as my practical for housekeeping practical subject.
The first week is quite boring as is the 1st day to introduce of housekeeping to students.. >.<... and we have started to make up bed hands on on 2nd week. . .
Practical room

hahaha.... well , as usual Ms Sukie like to snap pic during classes... ^^  students are practicing changing bed cover with 3 bed sheets... most of the student do not have a "ladies touch" as wat my lecturer always says to me ... >.< I need to show so many time on how to tight in the side adage of the bed. T___T ... tired .. tired ... tired... 

Well, I also hands on to teach student to put on duvet cover. It is much more easier then bed sheet. ^^

end of the semester, students will go for hotel internship. they are so excited to go out from the college to absorb new environment. most of the students management to go all 5 stars hotel for internship. 

I will miss all of you
I shall see you guys soon ^^

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