Friday, August 12, 2011

My Dream Wedding ^^

Yahoooo...  I have to really admit that I am A very Lucky Girl .... ^^ I am so so excited that I have got it with a grand prize of RM800 cash voucher... :)

I have to grab Cryst's phrase... ** I am a happy girl now**  :) hahaha.....

Is actually my colleague and I went to Matta Fair last Friday which was held from (12 - 14 Aug) at PWTC to grab some promotion package..
My colleagues's intention is to survive is there any promotion package for her Honeymoon at Japan Hokaido and my intention is survive or to view is there any wedding package being offere. ..

Both of us finish work not so sharp.. I think is about 6:30pm from office and a short walk to Avenue K (KLCC LRT station) .. we take train to Masjid Jamek station and interchange to Star LRT to PWTC. Both of us had a same thought that this is an ideal choice to avoid delay or traffic jam to the destination... it takes only less then 30 mins from KL to PWTC... isn't it good issit ... ^^
once we reached there... the crowd is not so bad that maybe is buka puasa period ... ^^ we walk around the hall to take some brouchers and flip-let .... and suddenly my colleagues and I saw some wedding gown at the top floor of the hall, she guide me to the Hall  just to see if there is any cheap wedding package for me.. ^^ .. we saw Manhattan .. Posh, My Dream Wedding and etc ..

May : ei.. u go and ask My dream brouchers..
Me : erm... okok ^^
May : how much is your cheapest package ... RM 3,888 include a lot of things .. you might need to have a seat so that i explain more towards it ..
Me : a bit worried liaw as the bf not with me .. @.@

End up My Dream Wedding advisor give a very good package to me ...:)with May's guidance on the package deal as she also one of My Dream Wedding's Customer >.< . I only have the basic item that's needed and I do not spend much on it as May said is not necessarily as if I took more gown it will make me to change the gown more often and tiring.

My Package include as below :
- 2 x Deluxe Wedding gown for photo shooting + another crystal gown for in door shooting
- 1 x Deluxe Evening gown for photo shooting
- 2 x Tuxedo for photo shooting (except LUXE colelction)
- 1 x hand bouquet (artificial flowers) for photo shooting
- 1 x Bridal make up with 3 hairdo (cosmetics eye-lashes included)
- A selection of 49 poses from 150 shots, include 49 digital files
- Wedding album
     * 10 x 14 x 10 (30 poses)
     *   8 x 12 x  (19 poses)
- 1 x Canvas Photo (with frame - grade S) (24 x 30)
- 2 x Table top (with frame - grade S) (8" x 10")    

-  4 x 5 - 100 pcs brides maid photo with 2 different poses
- 20 x 30 - signing board
- Actual day
   * 1 x Wedding gown
   * 1 x Evening gown

   * 1 x Tuxedo set
   * 8 x Flower for car
   * simple accessory provided


This is my Photographer from Hong Kong + My Wedding Adviser >.< 
He is a very funny guy and friendly person too ^^ ~he is holding the RM800 cash voucher which is belongs to ME :)
 I am a LUCKY GIRL in the WORLD ^^ 
I and a HAPPY GIRL too ^^ 
I am so so HAPPY for the package offered ^^

We made a deposit of RM 2000 and the balance of RM1000 (2 months before shooting).


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