Monday, October 31, 2011

Testimonial from my Lovely baby from TARC

Ohaiyo.... Bounjour.... selamant tengah hari ... 、午安...
finally I am back to blogger... been busy with my younger sis wedding preparation, pre-wedding photo shooting and my wedding preparation, college exam paper marking in the school during the semester break on 08 August Invigilation duties, and moderator for exam paper & last one is my part time job in KL .... I never even have time for the bf and my baby at home.. ~shit~ T_________T
Sorry everyone...... I will try to update my blog k ^^
A sudden mood comes that I wanna of sharing my daily super multitask with all of my friend that I am not stopping to blogger but is with my commitment ....  
Been long long time did not log into my student Facebook acc and when i open, this is what I saw my College Acc in FB that a YR3 student 2009 sent me Testimonial of sharing his feeling to his lecterer.. 
 Dear my lovely Lecturer,

There are almost 3 weeks long we didn`t meet. How are you? Yes I did complete my last semester papers, I consider myself as graduated, I believe there are won't be resit problem, I'm still hoping I can get CGPA 3.5 above, currently I got 3.31.

Please allow me share you what I had did within this 3 weeks time. I don't know why, just like to share with you. At the first week, Raya holiday period, I do have a short, quite and simple 3 days break at hometown, Klang, 2 days high paid banquet part time with Shangri-la KL, another 3 days fantastic 3 days class trip at Malacca, until now I still can't forget the days i had with my classmate.

After that, I start my career as service associate at Traders hotel KL, Gobo Chit Chat outlet. Until today, I had 9 days with them and still under orientation and training section until tomorrow, not yet do operation and front line service. Traders Hotel, a Property under KLCC but in Shangri-la management. Government rate Traders Hotel as 5 star hotel, but the humble attitude, it address itself as 4 star. The only difference between Shangri-la and Traders are S got fully facilities and luxury branded 5 star hotel, T acts as mini S, providing same standard of service to their guests, but with limited facilities, there is only 3 f&b outlets, indoor pool and Jacuzzi, small spa and health club (gym), 471 standard rooms, no banquet service like S. Hotels under Shangri-la create Golden Circle reward based membership, points collection basic, Shangri-la hotel, Traders Hotel and Kerry Hotel (new built hotel and only one located at China) around the world are operating for same offer. Can burn point by return free stay at any entitled hotel and enjoy the member benefits. Do you know that Shangri-la founder, Tan Sri Robert Kuok born at Johor and he also as the ex-sugar king of the world who controlled 10% of world sugar supply.

Under S system, every new employee must go through 2 weeks orientation and training lesson. First 2 days talked about every department roughly description, speaker will be the representative people of each department, such as department manager or department trainer. T is very particular in multitasking, not only multitasking within inter-department, here multitasking means you have to do others department responsibilities. For example, you will surprise when u saw staff from back office wearing office look but doing service at outlets during peak season.

Therefore, another program called Smartraders purposely train new employee to be:
We trained to able to create wow experience to guest by buzzing guest with 3 keys acknowledge, ascertain and anticipate, be comfortable with T culture, multitasking, problem solving in guild line, team working, and be demanding on ourselves,

Above 2 programs are entitled for all department new employee, next program named SFSMS, and HACCP program. Both programs are food safety program, who have to handling food have to pass the exam given end of the program. After that, the following programs will depending on department training. For example, FO doing Opera system using training. Myself doing f&b service training tomorrow for only 1 day, because I'm the only one f&b service line in this batch, service training had summarized to 1 day.

I'm proud that I can join as Traderian, beside the payment is good, T is giving the highest points in bonus every year in KL, 3.0 points. Employee benefit also good, such as excellent staff meal, comfortable staff dormitory (place to nap when break time), staff club (entertainment facilities, KTV, table pool, pc...), branded employee uniform ( I got Lee Cooper working shoes, housekeeping staff having cross shoes).

So far, I experience this, since I'm still in the beginning of my journey, this is my first career. I'm pleasure to share my experience to you. Anyway, this is the end of today e-mail, keep in touch. Hope you can happy every day, all the best to you.

I feel so touch and being proud of myself being a practical lecturer in tar. It makes me wanna put more effort to improve my skill of teaching.......

Beng Fu... you have lighted up my day... :)

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