Saturday, November 5, 2011

Younger's Sister's Big Day

A busy wedding preparation for my younger sister. She have resigned from the China Embassy on April 2011 and start doing her wedding preparation for ♥♥♥21.10.11 & 22.10.2011♥♥♥

21.10.2011 was the last Single day for her
We had some light buffet during the nite and invited some friends of my sister and relative to our house for gathering...

they are the "jie mui" for tomorrow ^^

fun and the nite session was so tiring when it comes to the end as we are preparing some challenging games for the boys tomorrow morning...

My mum was preparing some simple praying for the sis wedding for tomorrow as well ..

..  less then another 5 hours my sis is going to upgrade to Mrs Chai 

Photographer arrived at 7am and we are still lying on the bed .. the photographer take the opportunity to capture our ugly faces .. O.M.G!!! wakakakak.. I am so lucky that hide somewhere and not being captured... ^^

Our day got really hectic and my sis have to force to ready for the make up artist to arrive.. haha well .. on her big day of course is the the most tiring bride .. >.< .. make-up artist arrived right after she wake up few minutes ago..

Her make-up artist is from emma studio

My sister, myself and our lovely "jie mui" rush to prepare all the games and etc to get ready with the crowd that is coming..

This is the 1st time lmy mum leaving my younger sister and she felt so sad and trying to hide herself from the photographer so not much pic capture with my mum .. we trying to comfort her by saying my sis still come home often and she is still your daughter .. .. but still her tears still dropping down.. haiz...

well, my dad busy to hang up my brother's trouser .. as for Chinese tradition, a younger sister who married earlier then elder brother have to do so ..

Well, the bride to be is enjoying her breakfast ..hahah well the mum also can't hold her tears..*.*... ...

of course.. my younger sister accompany with this is 2 sister ... my elder sister and myself plus our lovely ''jie mui''.. ^^ ..

YEAH !!! We Are Ready to Attack !!!!!!

Let visit our lovely bride up stairs, how does she doing ... ;)

Your so Pretty my ill sis ^^

The in-law arrived after 2 hours .. 
Well, I am here welcome my another family members ..Jacky Chai ^^ He have 5 brothers to help him to overcome all the challenges that we set ... haha so fun xD
We have actually created 4 to 5 different game for the boys .. 

Well, the Yoga session is making everyone laughter and fun .. hahahah they are enjoying the game i think .. ^^ 

After the yoga session, enterence fees and the food session , to entering the gate, the boys are required to go through a last session .. they are require to broke the balloon as in side the balloon has few different types of house key to open the gate.. 

The Groom was so smart.. within 3 through of dates and he got the right key to open the gate.. ^^ 

last session to go up the staircase to marry my sister is to sing a love song to comfort the Bride requirement ... hahah and finally both of them meet together ..<3 p="">

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