Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy and Exciting

We finally had gone through the tough moment during photo selection last week. I arrived at the wedding studio on time and the person in-charge rightaway. there is 249 pics to select...
We started to click on the "REJECT" button on the not perfect pics.. and ended up we have only rejected 121 pics. Wowww... I was getting very shock as we only allow to have "49" pieces pic but now is ""121" pieces of pic that we like so much ... I was asking the boy..

me: huh... how ler.. @.@
boy: see what is the best price that they can offer us
me: erm.... wokie...
The staff: how was the photo selection.. how many you like... I can give you a good price ...
boy: about 121 pieces of photo extra.. how much you charge per piece ?
The staff: let me check with my branch manager 1st ya...
boy: see what she say and if is expensive then we can go for another photo section next year ..
The staff: RM8000++ plus album and design...
me: huh ... T_______T ~O.M.G..... kill me better, so expensive~

AT THIS DANGEROUS TIME.... my elder sister arrived and she help us to make up our mind...

sis: why don't you ask for soft copy and we can make our own album...
boy: how much

The boy and I was discussing... we think we just need to choose the best photo that we like and both of us is gonna make ourselve more particular on our poses and smiles **natural or not so good photo**  end up we deleted 117 and left 4

We asking the soft copy from the bridal shop too and the cost is RM6000++ ... WTF ... okie!!! fine we will just take 4 pic but sis still encourage us not to take the 4 pic ... so the boy decided not to continue with the 4 too ... but anyway I also give up at the end T____T

Well, I believe I am pretty and I will snap more pretty pic before 2014...

I LOVE my pretty face with the gown so I insist to snap a few "DELETED" pic from the PC :

♥♥♥I LOVE IT♥♥♥ 
Is my man and me look good on this pic ^^ luckily I managed to snap for my reference moment :) even though I didn't place into my album o__O 

♥♥♥ Pic taken at Pullman Hotel ♥♥♥

♥♥♥  pic much .. Do I Look like a SWAN ♥♥♥ hehehe ^^

My Photographer need to make a very big movement to snap this pic. He did bend down his whole body and snap on my post.. at 1st I thought of choosing this pic due to his hesitation .. but the boy commented this pic doesn't looked nice even though the photographer struggling to catch the post o____O 

Did you guys saw there is some flower prattles, I bought it from Petaling streets at RM5 ringgit with a big packet ... ;) I LVE this pic too .. this is a casual look of my man  xP♥♥♥ well... .. this is the moment that the mother rain start to cry ... after this pic we rush to the car ... and rain STOP right after we reached the car T_____T

♥♥♥Love My Lovely dimple ♥♥♥

I released that among all my gown, this is the gown that I don't like the most during photo session... it looked like my dress is dropping down from by chest ... I am sure I am not gonna take this pic ... the boy also commented this dress don't look good on me... ~.~ 

On top of the above pic, we have actually upgraded our photo album to Araceli with additional charges of RM350. ^^ 

I would see most of my album will have short skirt the most pic as i like the dress so much ... another thing is the dress suit me so much as I am small size ♥♥♥

My album will be ready to collect on Oct 2012. ;) 

Can't wait till Oct ... 

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