Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Bullet

Weee .. so happy that I bought myself .. Opppssss... should be for my bb a blender... ;) I always browse through Groupon Malaysia  to check is there any good deal to purchase.. either for food or shopping and I paid for groupon.

I have been using a big blender to mix all fruits for my bb since they arrived to my home 4 years back.. it is not so in-convenient for me as i need to prepare mix fruit in a big portion and kept in refrigerator .. with the baby bullet, I can make one portion daily with different fruit ... my princes and princess able to enjoy different fruit daily >.<

I hope you guys don't get my information wrong.. my baby is Kiki, Cici, Hang Hang, Fook Fook and last lil boy is Boy boy ^^

my 3 babies prince ... daddy is now 4year old and 6 months (bottom) with 2 sons (top left is Fook fook with his brother Boy boy top right). My elders son is now 2 year and 26 days old. my younger sons is now 1 years old and 8 months old... <3 br="br" myself="myself" of="of" proud="proud">

Well.. here are my princess mummy, facing outside is my mummy with 4year and 6 months old, the inner baby is my lil girl with 2 years and 26 day old  :)

Hey babies, your blender will be arrive to home only 20 Sept 2012. so mummy will prepare more food for you ya <3>

I found the so useful to my 5 babies at this moment. I am thinking the baby bullet can be well maintained for my further bb ^.^

So happy to have this ..<3 hahaha....="hahaha...." p="p">

The Baby bullet is now priced at RM149 instead of usual price at RM380. And the price included a lot of items. the storage cube, date-dial storage cups plus a 400ml large blender plus a soft tip spatula.least but not less, it include nutrition booklet recipes for my future bb ^^ ...   

I am so well prepare with my bb product before my 2 years married ahead .. What a Despite mummy I am xD...  

Can't wait for my order to arrive !! 

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  1. I trying to look for a set as well. But what is the difference between the set on you top picture and the 1 in the bottom. They look different.