Friday, September 14, 2012

Home made Yogurt ^^

Suddenly so into yogurt so I have google the method using my special container from Eco Paradise reasonly.

Ingredients :
Full cream milk - 1 liter
yogurt - 140gm
sugar : 100gm

Method :
1. place the full cream milk to hot stove to boil until 31 degrees. In the mean time, yogurt place on the table till room temperature.
2. Milk boil till 31 degrees, remove from stove, allow milk to cool down a little while and place in sugar . Stir a while and using soup leader to scope 2 leader out and mix with yogurt.
3. Stir milk and yogurt till full mix. Pour the mixture together with the rest of the milk.
4. Making sure that milk and yogurt is full mix and place all into the eco paradise container over nite and cover the container with blanket. At least 12 hours.
5. After 12 hours of fermentation, place the whole box into fridge to harden the texture.
6. Ready to served in chilled.

 yummy... ..>.<

the texture is like tofu and so smooth .. 

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