Monday, November 12, 2012

Postponed Wedding Date

here times flies .... look at my wedding sticker left single digit !!!

Is time to announce to the world... T___T
We have actually fixed our wedding date with the sifu since last year 2011 and the sifu recommended us to get married on next 2 years which is "2014" will be the BEST but we insisted to have it early which is this year (2012).

2012 we have 2 good dates which is on May 2012 and Nov 2012 so we choosen 18.11.2012. In Mar 2012 the boy's grandmother pass away. In Chinese Tradition, we have to get married within 100 days but no any good dates to fixed us up so we decided to postpone our BIG DAY to another 2 year which is 2014.  

Things that never expect it happen in my life .. this is an unforgettable date I will never forget 18.11.2012. But after things happen I will start to think positive way as things happen for a reason >.< ... ... I believe it will ♥♥♥STRENGTHEN OUR LOVE  PATH ♥♥♥

Dear All,
We shall update on our next wedding date near mid of 2013... ;)

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