Tuesday, December 25, 2012

8th Anniversary ;)

Everyone was saying 21 Dec 2012 is the end of world as our earth has reached 500 year. While, today is 25 Dec 2012 and I am still here to share my life to you so I can now announce to all Happy staying on the earth^^

End of world has not happen so life is not ended so Welcome back to the Cyberworld everyone xD

I sorta stopped blogging for quite some time. I wonder if I'll still get know how to blog !! I've been working on my vitagen new member joining as distributor, TAR College education fair and enjoyable KL partime job as an sales co-ordinator (but the work is like an event management team) =.=" 

Before you start assuming something is definately wrong with me or I'm having another quarter life crisis or whatsoever, I hereby declare I'm totally very fine, happy go lucky and still the Sukieyakie that everyone knew ... It's just that after stopped blogging for so long and stopped updating my busy cyber life in KL, when I looked back my sites, I know I should be doing a better ones. ;)

And btw, I have decided to write my first post today mainly because today mark the 8th year anniversary of casey and myself. EIGHT YEARS! Both of us sorta mixed up the date a lil' cox according to him it was 26th midnight (early 27th) and I remember my very 1st holding hand in hand was supposed to be 25th midnight (early 26th) wtf wtf. So, 25th? 26th? or 27th?? So after the same arguement for so many years, we concluded we shall make it 26th.


Being together for 8 years, of course there're ups and downs but I'm glad we made it through everything. He'd been with me since I stepped into aduldhood and he'll also be the one I wanna grow old with.. ^^

We will have another candle light dinner tonite for this percious moment ^^ 

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.. 

*°_██_**. / \ .˛* .˛.*.* * *
  ˛. (´• ̮•)*˛°* /♫♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____. * ˛*
           ° ( . • . ) ˛°. /• •\.˛*./______/~ *. ˛*.
         * (...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬ .
        ¯˜"*°••°*"˜¯`´¯˜"*°••°*"˜¯` ´¯˜"*°´¯˜"*°••°

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